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Here is what Obama should be saying in his speech tonight.

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Maybe I should have someone put this into his Teleprompter.   Here is what I think he should be saying…  I believe that we have to cut foreign aid drastically and immediately, lets remember that old saying, charity starts at home , we just can’t afford to be very charitable right now when we are in such economic straights ourselves.  The very first thing that needs to be done is to clean up the fraud in Washington and in our States and we should start with the Unions.  We have to clean up waste in welfare and get the welfare frauds out and maybe put in jail if thats where they belong.  And we must get rid of all these entitlements and government grants that are given to these special interest groups like Al Sharpton’s bunch of creeps that are too lazy to get legitimate jobs, that game must end.  And stop this talk about  taxing the rich.  The rich pay enough taxes and it is the rich who employ the middle-class and the lower-class.  Make all the  politicians pay their own way, don’t give them these live long benefits.  An lets get term limits once and for all. The wages, healthcare and pension benefits they all get as well as their families their retirement pension & healthcare benefits free and after serving only one term, is sick.  Absolutely stop illegals now…..not only coming into “our” country but severely discipline any individual enabling any illegal alien to receive any benefits what so ever…..Americans are sick and tired of government letting this problem continue along these lines. .Leave social security & medicare alone, those people paid into those entitlements all their lives…..cut welfare and don’t take away social security & medicare from our seniors.


Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to be tried before a military commission

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After over  15 months of flip flopping, Obama last week decided to try Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and the  four other accused Sept. 11 conspirators before a military commission in the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, rather than in a civilian court in the United States.  Score ONE for America  and ZERO for the Obama Administration. But at least they finally  got it right.

Found in my comments.

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Fuck You Un-spammed by voodookobra1Submitted on 2011/04/08 at 8:13 pm This is the most assine shit I have ever read. Liberals are trying to shut talk radio down? Where’s your evidence? The republicans are trying to get rid of NPR and PBS just because the intellectuals that belong to those broadcasting stations post the truth, and the truth is ugly in the eyes of the neo-liberal republican party. “The truth has a well-known liberal bias.” Steven Colbert. Go back to school.

I guess the LIBERALS don’t love me anymore.  Bahhh


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If you want to talk about “behavior” fine, lets do it…  If you ever read liberals posts on blogs and I’m sure that you do, as I’m also sure that you listen to Liberal news on the radio or  watch Liberal programs on TV and even on regular sitcoms or programs such as Grey’s Anatomy or House, or Desperate Housewives and especially on shows like  Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, Two and a Half Men , and on and on and on, you can’t miss the insults sometimes done on in a subtle way and sometime just blatant.  But they are there, and put there intentionally.  So now lets get back to the Glenn Beck story. And why the left is so eager to shut him down as they ar to shut down FOX news. Most people in this country, regardless of political party, love America, and will argue in a civil debate, but in the past few years things have changed, and I blame the Obama presidency for that.  Obama can’t stand people like Rush or Beck who calls it as they see it.  They did the same to Clinton, but you didn’t see Clinton try to shut them down.  I hate to be defending Clinton, but lets call a Spade a Spade.
That’s why the Obama administration  is trying so hard to shut talk radio down.

Who Can Beat Obama In 2012?

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Huckabee?, Romney, Palin?,Allen West? I’d vote for anyone that runs against that Socialist that we have now..

And so should you.