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Iran Nuclear Deal Reached At Geneva Talks

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So, OBAMA  gave them sanction relief before a single facility was dismantled.
For once the French were smarter than we were.
And they’ll be back at this in six months?  Isn’t that special?
These politicians  aren’t stupid in one way, they’re stupid and incompetent in every imaginable way.

But….. So are the people who voted for him.

This means that Iran is within six months of having enough weapons grade material to produce a bomb.


Legislative Terrorism.

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When will the GOP finally realize they cannot work with that Party of Idiots called the  Democrats, who specialize in double dealing and backstabbing?
We have already we see evidence any hope for getting along or compromising flushed down the toilet with the likes of Harry Reid,  Nancy Pelosi, and the Dictator in Chief.

Oh yes. They will be in the minority again have to face what the GOP will be facing now.
Karma is such a scum sucking bitch isn’t she?

And If the Repubs don’ t retaliate they may have trouble getting my support in the future.

Is The Game Over For Obama

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Doesn’t look good when even the Washington Post says it may be game over for Obama.

Does the health-care fumble mean game over for Obama?

Four times he mentioned fumbling — both the Web site and his promise that people could keep their health plans if they liked them. “These are two fumbles on something that — on a big game, which — but the game’s not over,” he said.

In a narrow sense, that’s probably true: There may well be enough time to salvage Obamacare.

But on the broader question of whether Obama can rebuild an effective presidency after this debacle, it’s starting to look as if it may be game over.

The record for recent second-term presidents is not good: Reagan had Iran-contra, Clinton had impeachment and Bush had Katrina and Iraq. Once a president suffers a blow such as Obama is now suffering with his health-care law — in which the public not only disapproves of a president’s actions but starts to take a negative view of him personally — it is difficult to recover.

This week’s Quinnipiac University poll found Obama’s job-approval rating at its lowest ever, 39 percent. More ominous: Only 44 percent say Obama is honest and trustworthy, while 52 percent say he is not; that’s the first time more thought him untrustworthy than trustworthy. Polls show Obama’s personal favorability rating has dropped in tandem.

We have seen this before. After the flubbed response to Katrina in 2005, George W. Bush’s honest-and-trustworthy rating fell below 50 percent for the first time, and it never returned. Bill Clinton began his second term with 42 percent calling him honest and trustworthy; he soon slipped into the 20s in Post polling and stayed there.

The loss of trust will make even harder the already uphill effort to persuade Congress to enact other items on his agenda, such as immigration reform and a comprehensive budget deal. House Speaker John Boehner this week dashed hopes of immigration legislation getting through Congress anytime soon, saying the House wouldn’t even negotiate with the Senate over an immigration bill that chamber had passed.

Also this week, House and Senate conferees meeting to discuss the budget they have been assigned to produce acknowledged they had given up hope for a far-reaching agreement.

“As someone who’s been naive enough to believe that we could actually do a larger deal,” Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) told his fellow conferees, “at least getting something done for a year or two would, I think, have an extraordinarily positive effect.”

Obama, in his Thursday news conference, spoke of regaining his clout as part of the game. His game plan: “My intention in terms of winning back the confidence of the American people is just to work as hard as I can, identify the problems that we’ve got, make sure that we’re fixing them.”

“There are going to be ups and downs during the course of my presidency,” Obama said. “I think I said early on when I was running, I am not a perfect man and I will not be a perfect president.”  Truer words have never been spoken.

It must suck to be a leftard right now.

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I said it before and will say it again!, This President Now Is Horse Meat

If you voted for this lying sack of crap, you have no right to complain!
Obama’s approval rating now is the lowest it’s ever been.

So what now my liberal friends, please give me just one example of why you should continue to support this monstrosity.  A President with a horrible approval rating will drag the rest of the party down in the midterm elections.
America is toast and the democrats running away from him as fast as they can say Obamacare.  It’s got his name on it. You see the President has proven to be a  pathological liar, a disaster. And the problem for the Democrats is they are hostage to a to an administration that is “out for lunch” right now, and their trying to fix a system which is not just glitches but a total screw up. . Obama will keep lying one lie after another  until one of them eventually sticks.  But in the end he keeps on ending up with egg on his face.  I think that the best thing that he an Moosheel can do is to take a very long Vacation.

The Blame Game…… Again.

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Obama says House Speaker John Boehner is the only thing standing in the way of reopening the federal government!

Obama blaming someone else?  Isn’t that shocking?

Besides, Boehner is proving to be top notch leader and a patriotic American who follows the Constitution.

Gun Control!

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FACT: liberals don’t have a plan, just fear mongering and rabid anti gun nut rants, but no plans

Obama’s Racism Continues to Rear It’s Ugly Head .

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Obama and his administration isn’t even aware of the amount of Black on Black murder’s in Chicago, or  of a white jogger shot by ‘bored’ black teens and the media doesn’t seem overly interested in reporting the shocking crime. When asked about the tragedy today, the Obama administration said it wasn’t familiar with the case. Mmm… Obama couldn’t wait to comment on George Zimmerman (who didnt shoot a man because he was “bored” but rather out of self-defense) and they couldn’t scream fast enough that the white Cambridge Police “acted stupidly”.

My question is, where is the outrage by Progressive wing-nuts like the ones on these blogs? I mean, when a thug beating someone gets shot, they change the subject. But when an innocent white kid is brutally murdered, they don’t seem to care. I guess the slaughter of white people simply doesn’t further the liberal agenda, uh?

It’s time that the left wing Hypocrites are exposed for what they really are…
Two-faced race baiting whores all of them.

When the Zimmerman incident occurred, it was covered by EVERY lefty blog, every news outlet, every TV station was on it 24×7 like the O.J. Simpson murder. And worse, in the case of NBC, the media actively participated in covering up parts of the case to incriminate Zimmerman.

Oprah accuses whites of lynching MILLIONS of blacks

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You cannot be my friend and use that word around me,” Oprah said during the interview with Parade Magazine. “It shows my age, but I feel strongly about it…I always think of the millions of people who heard that as their last word as they were hanging from a tree.”

What a Racist, Biased, Stupid Bitch she is!.Oprah is a racist herself…but she loves all that money she makes off them white folks..

she should go open another school in Africa or something…forget all the people here she only gives lip service about

I hope people finally wake up to her and stop watching her stuff…would serve her right


On Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

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Black celebrities are staring to treat Florida like they did South Africa in the 80’s. More of them, like Chaka Khan (whom I listened to in the 70’s) Jesse Jackson, , Al, Shatpton, Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z, and now Harry Belafonte just arrived in Florida to join the sit-in circus from the left. These old farts haven’t the ability to think, or comprehend what the hell went down.  All they know is that a Black Boy was killed by an non-black, and was found to be Not Guilty.
Bingo!  Time to start boycotting Florida. They say they are doing so until Florida Stand Your Ground Law is repealed or re-considered. Didn’t lawyers for Zimmerman claim self-defense not Stand Your Ground? I would think blacks would want to defend families and homes against robbers and murderers and malefactors. In cities around the USA hundreds showed up for demonstrations and to repeal Stand Your Ground and some youths wore “I Am Trayvon” t-shirts. Political and sectarian leaders spoke and wrote against Zimmerman and that their son could be Trayvon. I hope kool-aid drinkers don’t end up working against their own best interests. In a side note some who support Stand Your Ground may be glad that certain entertainers will not be performing in Florida.
Now that the trial is over, it is amazing after the fact about how so much information regarding both Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman is finally coming out. The media and the koolaide drinking supporters of Trayvon Martin had many people believing that George Zimmerman was a evil racist white dude who was stalking an innocent baby faced boy black boy (Trayvon Martin) who was merely going to the store to buy some candy and a drink. Well, that is how the media orchestrated the script, and many people bought into it. (mostly black) but thanks to that illiterate moron Rachel Jantel who was Trayvon Martin’s friend, the truth about the real Trayvon Martin has come out. And the world saw that “innocent unnamed baby faced boy black boy” for the wise assed thug that he was.
This Travyon Martin case is the perfect example and please don’t say it an exception to the rule, because it’s more typical than not.  You didn’t see the media so railed up with the IRS, or Benghazi, scandals as they were on this case. Sorry folks but I am just calling it like I see it. That’s all.

Happy Black History Month Everybody!

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 Don’t remind people that President Obama is still the President.

I’m still on shock over it.